Yeguada Lezama Leguizamón

Purebred Spanish Horses

Our origins date since 2006, although the relation between Lezama Leguizamon family and horses began much early as amateurs.

The stud started with a batch of mares with origins of large genetic lines of the Spanish horse, such as Bohorquez (Utrerano VII) and Candau (Urdidor VII). And a prominent stallion as is Escobero VII, from the cattle raising of Herederos de Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, of whom we highlight the typical nobility of the PRE and its beauty.

At this moment, we have a set of mares for the breeding dapple-grey, brown and black with good origins, great quality, and better movements. Our objective is the selection to achieve animals with good morphology, functionality, and aptitude for work. For this, it is essential to look for the improvement of the breed, trying to find the perfect combination between the stallion and the mares.

Currently, we have a dressage team as Duende JAP (Espléndida LXXI and Urdidor VII), qualified as a Recommended Young Player for Dressage, Graciosa JAP (Espléndida LXXI and Urdidor VII), qualified in Genetic Assessment of the year 2018 by ANCCE, and Jupiter JAP (Javir del Jut and Manzanillo JAP). As well as a section for the morphological competitions such as Pampa IX (Armas Vaquera II and Guardadamas I) and Orenga II (Geodesica and Alelo), among others.


The farm has 14 hectares between facilities and pastures with which we ensure that our horses reach maximum well-being and their proper development. Our livestock has 12 large boxes for the comfort of the animals, as well as spacious and well-equipped farrowing accommodation, where our staff can supervise the mares 24 hours a day. Besides, we have many paddocks for the free breeding of foals and fillies up to 3 years old, and to release adult exemplars for recreation.
We also have four extensive fences of several hectares where we release foals and breeding mares during spring and summer so that they can enjoy oat grasses in total freedom.

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