On April 27-28 and May 4-5, we participated in the Young Horse Selection Plans that ANCCE held at the Yeguada La Cartuja and the Stallion Depot, both in Jerez de la Frontera.

We are very happy with the results of our horses, although we still have a long way to go and a lot to improve.

Aguileño D Centurión and our rider, Jose Pedro Del Olmo Chillón, obtained 74,000% in the Preliminary and 71,600% in the Final, being runner-up in the ANCCE Cup in the 6-year-old Tests in the PSCJ of the Stallion Depot.

🐴 6-year tests:
Aguileño D Centurión 69.800% and 74.00% 🥈
Jupiter JAP 68,800% and 70,600%

🐴 4-year tests:
Maromo de Azahar 72,400% and 70,600%
Lucero JAP 72,600% and 67,600%