• Date of birth: 20-01-2017



  • Father: ESCOBERO VII

  • Mother: JAVIR DEL JUT

  • Color: GREY

  • Size: 170 cm

Lolo JAP is a gentle colt with a big size and a good conformation.  His three correct gaits are very good with amplitude and suspension. Also, this young horse has a docile character, easy deal to work, and he is intelligent and fast learning.

Nowadays, Lolo JAP has stable dressage, knows to work in hand and on the walker. Furthermore, he is good in the stable, and to handle. Soon we will begin with his dressage training. He would be a nice project for somebody who looking for a young horse to grow and learn together.

His genetic line comes from one of the stallions of our stud farm, Escobero VII, of Herederos de Salvador Guardiola Fantoni breeder, of whom we highlight his greats measure and his noble character, attributes that he transmits to his descendants. His mother, Javir del Jut from Bohorquez breeder, is a special mare. Her bloodline comes from Lebrijano III-Agente-Maluso, genetic line considered as the founders of the modern breed, and a basic and essential element to obtain solid horses with excellent aptitudes for dressage and functionality. Her noble and gentle character has transmitted it to most of her descendants, as well as her very good superior line. Besides, this mare transmits good movements, being able to find some of her descendants competing in dressage, morphological and work riding competitions.

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