We cannot be more pleased and prouder of our binomial, Jose Del Olmo Chillon and Jupiter JAP. They participated in the European Final of the Master of the Iberian Horse in Paris.

The first day of competition, in the Primera test, the young horse got a little scare, which conditioned the repris and, consequently, the marks of the exercise he was doing and the submission were low, obtaining a total of 64,200%.

However, on the second day, they demonstrated their capacity and quality in the Novilla test, obtaining a clean and well-run repris with which they obtained a score of 75,200% and positioning themselves in 5th place out of a total of 24 participants. It should be noted that the PRE and PSL exemplars of 4, 5 and 6 years of age participate in the tests of young horses, with Jupiter JAP being the first exemplar of 4 years old in the ranking.

Thanks to all the organization who did a great job, the atmosphere was marvelous and made us feel at home. Without a doubt, next year we will repeat the experience.