The last weekend we participated in the XXXII Feria de Caballo de Piedrahíta, in Ávila, and we cannot be happier with the results:

Pampa IX – Runner-up of the contest and silver in section 11, 7 or more years old mares.

Jupiter JAP – Champion of functionality and silver in section 8, 4 years old stallions. And the third-best note of absolute functionality of the contest, with a score of 18,040 with only 4 years old.

Wendy JAP – Fourth position in section 7, 4 years old mares.

Duende JAP – Sixth position and third-best functionality in section 12, 7 or more years old stallions.

Thanks to the team that has worked hard throughout the contest, Jose Del Olmo Chillon, María José Povedano Ruiz and Reyes Ortega Rodriguez. As well as a special thank you for the welcome in Avíla to Jorge Casajus, Chema García Hernández, Rodrigo García Olmedo and families.

See you at the next year!